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 Follicular lymphoma is an indolent cancer that can regress naturally, responding favorably to treatment and scientific natural strategies for long-term survival.

Applying Up To Date knowledge in clinical procedures PLUS natural strategies based in the latest genetic research, this site is dedicated toward enabling follicular lymphoma survivors to target for 20++ years of active, healthy survival.

More than just information, we have an integrative plan established over many years that pro-active lymphoma survivors can relate to, understand and implement. In addition, our team offers prompt personal support.

Much of our material is also applicable to other types of lymphoma, including marginal zone and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).


25 years since diagnosis with follicular lymphoma, "retired" college dean (and his team) offer balanced information and guidance for patients and caregivers seeking results beyond the norm. Survivors never need to feel powerless or alone. As lymphoma patients ourselves, we understand.


Welcome to our site... celebrating more than 13 years with over 2000 active members world-wide, this is the premier site for pro-active patients seeking the very best information and support exclusive to follicular lymphoma with:

  • a personalized, human touch, with integrity 
  • a reliance on science, based on balance and objectivity
  • an independent, unbiased, innovative approach focusing on the achievement of optimal, long-term results
  • the most reliable, understandable information and support for survivors of follicular lymphoma available "anywhere"
  • the program I wish had been available when diagnosed more than 25 years ago!

To register for membership now, please click on Registration


The April 2014 Newsletter has been posted to the site with the following topics: 

Photo by Svet: "White Orchids"


Prelude to the First Three Items

1. Ibrutinib IMBRUVICA Side-Effects (Unbiased Verified Info)

2. Idelalisib (GS1101)...Side-Effects, Effectiveness (New Engl. Jrnl. March 2014)

3. Summary Comment on Ibrutinib IMBRUVICA and Idelalisib

4. Pidilizumab (CT-011)...Looks Very Promising (Better Than Ibrutinib?)

5. Chlorambucil...Still a Good Option

6. Summary Comment


What Will Be Gained From This Site?

* "Life is not over" if you get follicular lymphoma. The prognosis is better than many first think. Most people have had it unknowingly for many years. Living a long, full, active life unaffected by follicular lymphoma IS possible. Please see What the Members Say page.

* Especially for newly diagnosed patients with follicular lymphoma, an understanding of the complexity of this disorder is essential. See our 39 page  free sample article  "Overview of Follicular Lymphoma".

 * Follicular lymphoma, regarded as incurable, can be beaten. But the required plan of action is challenging. We have the details here, available nowhere else. The complete program includes:

  • balanced, objective information about follicular lymphoma; logically ordered, easy to understand for those recently diagnosed.
  • data on the latest, most effective conventional treatments for follicular lymphoma.
  • the latest, most credible, scientifically-based targeted natural strategies especially designed for follicular lymphoma patients.
  • an action plan (which we refer to as the Four Pillars) implementing the latest research...doable, effective, pulling it all together to achieve optimal results.

As Patients, Who Are We?

Follicular lymphoma patients are NOT TYPICAL cancer patients. That's because follicular lymphoma is not a typical malignancy. It *demands* special understanding and management for optimal long-term success.

Therefore, we need excellent/experienced lymphoma doctors who take a *long-term perspective* toward keeping us healthy, AND we need to know what we can do to help ourselves attain and stay in the "thrive zone" for many years. In short...we need BOTH.

Is it REALLY Possible for a Follicular Lymphoma Patient to Help Him or Herself?

Yes, it sure is.

Most follicular lymphoma patients sense that cancer is somehow connected to gene malfunction. And that's correct. Genes regulate everything.

But most follicular lymphoma patients are incorrect in assuming that there's not much that can be done about changing the way their genes interact with each other.

Here we describe how select lifestyle strategies can alter and correct gene expression through what is known as epigenetics. This remarkable new approach, that follicular lymphoma patients can proceed with on their own, is based on the latest scientific data from the leading research institutions. As of 2014, epigenetics is one of the most active areas in follicular lymphoma research. 

Genetic profiling along with epigenetics makes *resolution* of follicular lymphoma a distinct long-term possibility.

About This Site and Its Community of Members Worldwide

* This service has been established for many years, and is the most prominent survivor-managed website in the world devoted exclusively to follicular lymphoma.

* Our coverage on follicular lymphoma is extensive and right up-to-date as can be seen by clicking on our Topic Index tab.

* We support a "conservative" approach to managing incurable follicular lymphoma for patients who do not require treatment. We refer to this as dynamic observation, at which time the patient applies the latest scientifically-based natural strategies to hold the lymphoma in check, and in many cases, reverse it.

* We do not provide medical advice, but try to ensure that members are aware of all options for follow-up discussion with their doctors when discussing treatments for follicular lymphoma.

* Numerous expressions of satisfaction and gratitude are received, a few of which are listed in What the Members Say.

* The site is committed to "balanced objectivity". There is no advertising on the site, nor are there products to sell. It is supported 100% by its membership.

* There are several doctors in the group both as patients and caregivers. People come from all walks of life, with a variety of backgrounds.

* Members may wish to gain encouragement and information from those with personal experience on our discussion board.


--> Access is provided to a virtual library of detailed information about follicular lymphoma in our newsletter archive compiled over 8 years. This archive has over 2000 pages covering every "must know" topic for follicular lymphoma patients and their caregivers. For a preview, click on the Topic Index tab on the left.

--> The "signature" article on our site is Follicular Lymphoma: Natural Strategies for Long-Term Survival...A Four Pillar Approach (This article contains the *action plan*...a must read).

--> It is critically important for all follicular patients and their caregivers to understand the nature of this confusing disorder. The article, Overview of Follicular Lymphoma, provides this knowledge, step by step, all in one place.

--> The article Transformation is a comprehensive overview of this critical event that must be understood in planning for long-term survival with follicular lymphoma.

--> The articles Optimizing Chemotherapy and Dietary and Lifestyle Strategies DURING and AFTER Chemotherapy are a "must read" for those in or contemplating treatment for follicular lymphoma.

--> The article MUST KNOW...Getting Cancer Cells to Die on Their Own is a fascinating summary of recent research offering follicular lymphoma patients a plan of action for personal involvement in their own success...real hope as never before.

--> The article My Personal History concludes the series by describing my history with follicular lymphoma.

--> Our Discussion Board just for members is a special feature of the site, in which several members actively share their knowledge and support. See instructions for use at the bottom of this page.

Can I Help?

My name is Robert G. Miller, email
Please see
About Me

To contact us on *administrative* matters call toll free 1-888-FEEL-AOK from the USA and Canada.

For information on our phone consultation service click on
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How This Site Can Help You

Upon becoming a member, information and guidance about follicular lymphoma will be provided in a friendly, supportive, and balanced manner.

The complete membership package, available nowhere else, consists of six items:

1.The basic articles
2. Monthly newsletters
3. Regular updates and new articles containing the latest research on follicular lymphoma
Phone consultation  (for individualized guidance)
Email guidance (if requested)
6. An exclusive Discussion Board just for members


If you have a vision of success of what life really means to you, and are ready to say 'yes, it's time to get started', then we're here to help with the best information and support for follicular lymphoma patients on the net.


You are invited to join our group as outlined in the Registration page, and receive the free sample article , "Overview of Follicular Lymphoma".

Happy, Healthy and Ready to Help,

Robert G. Miller

April 23, 2014

Strive >> Survive >> Thrive

There is Life After Lymphoma...Lots of It


Integrative medicine emphasizes the combination of both conventional treatments and scientifically-based natural approaches to address the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of health and illness. In addition, this website emphasizes respect for the human capacity for healing and the importance of the relationship between the practitioner and the patient.


 Imbruvica Ibrutinib Idelalisib Follicular Lymphoma  ... concern has arisen with serious side-effects affecting long-term immunity and survival. Also with initial trial results with follicular lymphoma. Before volunteering for a clinical trial please be feel free to check with us for our experience and unbiased lay opinion.



This website is intended as a sharing of information and data based on the research and personal experiences of the author. It is NOT intended to replace or be a substitute for professional consultation with a physician or other health care provider. For treatment decisions, consult your doctor or health care provider. The author cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects, results or consequences resulting from the use or application of the information on any page of this site.